me and lauren right

it was wasnt it

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gokaipersonal asked: don't feel bad for refunding some commissions, I'd rather see someone be honest and refund. Then vice versa.

I’m just not in a good place to work on some of these at the moment. I’ve had some sitting for too long.. which makes me feel bad. And then when I try to work on them I feel pressured. And then I worry that they’ve waited forever and what if it’s not good enough? Then I get really anxious and I start to beat myself up… and it makes working on it impossible. I end up putting in too much time for something I am not happy with… it’s just a lose lose. This is why I’m sticking to YCH only.

Sending out some notes on FA about refunding commissions. Makes me nervous as hell but at the same time I already feel some relief.

I’m sorry I’m trash.

she started putting dirty dishes on the bookshelf. UMMM mine are cans BUT SAME??? omfg

surprisingly productive morning considering i picked up RO again 2 days ago and also have sims 4 open

now it’s time to sleep all day and hope this monster fridge guy figures out WTF he wants to do and THEN IT CAN BE A HAPPY DAY. I deserve one.

still mad at walgreens tho

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Thank you eyer8gamer for being a rad roomie and supporting my sims addiction!

Thank you eyer8gamer for being a rad roomie and supporting my sims addiction!

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here you go. for laughs. some old art as early as like 2009 up until… i don’t even know when. First tablet. Wacom graphire. Pen tool lineart in photoshop. No clue what a clipping mask was. Yeah buddy. Dark times.. dark times.

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found a whole new photobucket full of art i when i was first doing it with a tablet

like.. 5 or 6 years ago. oh man

chaokaze asked: As someone who plans on getting a shoulder tattoo, do you think you could describe what the process itself feels like? I know, it probably hurts more/less depending on where it is, but I wouldn't know, being of virgin skin and all.

It kinda feels like a cat scratch over and over. It doesn’t really HURT it’s more of a dull annoying ache. I personally get more sore from the constant rubbing/cleaning off ink/blood than pain from the poking itself. Though the very last bit of my arm tattoo had me cringing. But mostly from being sore not from the pain. Kinda like a sunburn when you smack it.

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kyradarkblood replied to your post: someone come play ragnarok online with…

I still play haha

GIMMI SOME STUFF i started over i have barely anything its awful

someone come play ragnarok online with me ok

mochaspar asked: I understand you're mad but it's possible she really doesn't remember you. Usually employees are trained to look for a few key things and so stopping to ask questions like that is normal. When it means our job between asking and not sometimes it's better just to ask. I've had to ask customer's repeatedly for their receipt and they get so mad at me like how dare I think they ever steal oh my god but it's just my job, I'm required to when they're looking suspicious even if I seen them before. :c

Yeah and I get that. And if she would have apologized it would have been different. But she like practically rolled her eyes and walked off.

There is like zero way they don’t know who I am. I go in there 4-5 times a week with buttloads of coupons and every other employee knows me, at least by my hair color if not by my name.

Still needs some sort of action taken. Not okay.  You don’t just accuse someone for no good reason and then not follow through with your suspicions (I tried to HAND her my purse and she just turned and walked off) and NOT apologize. Uncool.

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emailed walgreens corporate

i’m so mad

i hope someone bitches her out. that is not how you treat a customer.


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